Special Issue No. 1 "Sideview"

Special Issue No. 1 "Sideview"

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Morocco from the side car


9,000 km within four weeks. Almost every day on the road. The side car became our home. We cruised through a country that cast its spell on us: Morocco.
Landscape is marvellous and manifold,  people are affectionate, friendly and helpful.
We are not able to stop every now and then to take photos of breathtaking *mountain sites ort he ever changing light in the dunes of Erg Chebbi.
Our dedication to Morocco and passion for photography founded the project ‚side views’, the view from the side car as snap-shot.
Most pictures in this illustrated book were taken during the ride. They are dynamic travel documentations from unusual perspectives.  Only interrupted by short intervals of a halt, when cameras couldn’t relax.

A really unusual travel documentation on 120 pages with more than 200 photos and drawings.


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